Monday, 17 August 2015

Runaway Boy #4

Hi guys!

Instead of one of those really boring introductions, I am going to get strait into it. Hold up! I haven't got my popcorn... *reaches out for popcorn* ok, let's go!

Adoption papers? This must be a mistake. He quickly turned on the light so that he could see the page clearer. Some role play prop, perhaps. Yeah that was probably it!  But as Zander read further 
down the dusty pages it came to his attention that in bold print it read: 



This was getting a bit too much for Zander now. 'I have to tell someone.' He thought, 'But who? His mum? Phhffft. His sister? Too young to understand.

Thinking hard for a moment Zander thought about his dream again.

 Was it somehow connected? 

Maybe. But for now he had to focus on his dilemma. As much as he hated it, he would have to come out to his mother. Plus it would provide a welcome distraction for his "mysterious disappearance". Then he would tell Alex. He was the only person who would understand his situation.  He made his way to the trap door and 
then realised. He was in "exile". He thought for a while and the idea of giving up popped into his mind more than once. Maybe he was scared or maybe he had too much pride too come out to his mother but he eventually decided to stay. Why should he give his mother the benefit? But on the other hand, he really wanted to know what was going on. Zander got into the tent that lay on the far side of the attic and got comfortable. After all, he was going to spend his time here for the whole night.

The next morning came quick and before he knew it, he was at the breakfast table staring into the eyes of an angry mother. 
"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I was up all night looking for you! I even contemplated calling the police!! Your VERY lucky I didn't, young man!  Jazmin was crying her eyes out! You have made another late start to school. Can you even NOT think about yourself for one second?" On and on she went getting louder and louder. And the more she shouted, the angrier Zander got. Yes, he disappeared. Yes, he got her 
worried. But does that really mean that he has to suffer through out a long speech? 
"Do you know what I need?" 
"Two aspirin and a refreshing glass of cold water?" 
"No," his mother said, her eyes shooting daggers, "what I need is a nice cup of tea with lots of sugar. Go and make it for me." 
"Um, ok" 

In the kitchen, Zander started to cool down. He was ok. Hopefully the tea would make his mother a little bit better. After finished pouring the milk and added two spoonfuls of sugar, he picked up the cup and headed towards the living room. His mother wasn't sitting on her favourite rocking chair so he thought she had gone to sleep and headed upstairs. 

He reached the upmost step and heard sobbing. And it was coming from his room. Curiosity getting the better of him, Zander carefully placed the cup of tea down on a neighbouring table and slowly opened his door. In his room he saw his mother sobbing silently the adoption papers clutched in her hands. 

"Oh, my boy. My darling, darling boy" 

Oh my gosh!! So much drammmaaaaa! What do you think about it? What do you think about the characters? Tell me all, in the comments section below!!! 
And if you haven't checked out the previous Runaway Boy's then head on over for the full story. Until then, join me later on in the week for THE LAST PART OF RUNAWAY BOY!! 

Wait a minuet!! Before you go. I have hidden a clue in the story. Whoever (that includes Starbucks lovers and unicorns) finds it first will..... GET A SHOUT OUT IN MY NEXT POST! They will have their web address link at the bottom of the page and their blog name as well! PLUS, I will read their blog and describe it in a paragraph!! If you want that then find the clue in my story! 

Happy searchin'! 
The Writer 


  1. Wow! Another awesome chapter! Really enjoyed! Trying to find the clue now! :)

    1. Thank you! If you haven't checked out my other posts then grab an extra large bowl of popcorn and go and head on over!

  2. This is a lovely story, well done!

    Rukiya XX

  3. I'm gonna follow your blog by email ^ ^

  4. Hey The Writer, I'd love to interview you! Is that possible?

  5. Hmm trying to find the clue! I'm the worst detective ever so fat chance of me getting it ha ha! Xoxo ps amazing chapter!

    1. Hahaha! Don't worry as I am going to post the answers in my last dose of Runaway Boy so you have quite a bit of time!

      The Writer

  6. Hi! I finally found the clue, it is Rednaz and if you spell it backwards its ZANDER! :D

    1. Yes! You have found the clue! You will get a shout-out, a link at the bottom of the page and a paragraph describing your blog in my next and last Runaway Boy! Well done!

      The Writer