Friday, 7 August 2015

Runaway Boy #3

Hey guys!

And... Guess who has had WAY too many sweets? Yeah... 

As the title reveals, I am going to be writing Runaway Boy #3! AHHH! Already? Are you excited? I am! Ok, quit babbling, let's go!  ;) 

At last, Zander reached the red front door of his house in a sweaty panic. He checked his watch: 6 'o' clock. Oh no, he's in for it now.. Sweat dripping down his face, he ran the doorbell and the door opened almost immediately. "Zander? Zander, is that you?" 

He nodded and stepped inside willing himself to go up the stairs. Withount saying a word, he made his way towards sleep. 

After what seemed like forever, Zander finally reached his bedroom and collapsed onto his cosy inviting bed. Once comfortable it felt safe to think about the dream again. 'Was it a dream? It certainly didn't feel like it,' he thought ' it felt so... real.' 

"Can I come in?" Asked his mother peeping in from the door.
"Yeah... Sure." 
"What happened? Did you get lost?" She was trying to be understanding but Zander could foretell that this was going to end 
in another little argument. She was speaking in that way you treat a little baby. Like a predator after its prey. 
"No. I-I fell. My bike. I-It smashed. In th-the woods." Zander was helpless now. He hated these kind of situations. 
"Couldn't you have just called me?" she whispered quietly, "I would've helped you." 
Zander wasn't sure what he was meant to do so he quickly changed the subject. 
"I had a weird dream," he began, "A man was in it and I felt, feels, like it has something to do with me. About me." 
"Cool. Um, dinner is ready so if you want to come down for dinner that would be great." 
"Oh. Ok." 

As he watched his mother walk down the stairs, a searing anger soared through his body like wildfire. He tried to tell her something personal. Something that he wanted to share with her and she just... doesn't care? Zander sat on his bed barely moving. He sat so still
he could hear the grandfather clock ticking in Jazmin's  room next door.  "Zander?" called his mother. Oh no she's coming. He needed to make a quick getaway. Somewhere he could be by himself. Of course! The attic! He had used it when he was a little kid so why can't he use it now? Zander quickly scooped up a tin full of sweets and biscuits from under his bed and some magazines and headed towards the attic. Luckily, his house had three floors and Zander's room was on the top so he could easily make his way to the attic withount being seen. And when his mother had even placed her foot on the last step, Zander had long gone up the rope, into the attic.

Zander stepped back into the dark room behind him. He didn't want to put the light on for fear his mum could simply look up and see a faint light. The whole idea of escaping sent a excited little shiver dancing up and down his spine. He had food. He could sleep here. He would come down when he was ready. He took another step into the room and nearly fell onto a box. He steadied himself and crouched down. That way he could roughly make out where he wanted to go. Out of interest, he opened the box to see what was inside and was instantly met with the face of a teddy bear. "Ruffles!" Zander exclaimed. After a little reunion that only he and Ruffles could share, he put his little bear aside and explored deeper. 'This must be all of my old toys' he thought. But nothing could prepare him for what lay at the bottom of the box. He picked up the piles of paper and read in the dim light that was provided by the day: Adoption Papers. 

Did you like? I know I did, writing for you guys! I am afraid I won't be doing the second story this week as I haven't figured out the title and what it's going to be about but I am sure by next week I will have my second story to dish out for you! Who's up for pepperoni?! But if you do have a suggestion then tell me in the comments below! I know I have already got a request for a comedy but I thought I would do comedy and some other genre. So if you have any suggestions or if you just want to talk about Runaway Boy feel free! 

Lots of luuurrrrvvveeeeeee, 



  1. that sounds really good, your a really good writer

  2. No Idea where you are posting your writing but you should def. make a Wattpad. I'd love to read your story on there and I am sure many others would! (You're writing is amazing!) Following your blog ASAP!!

    1. Thank you so much, Vanessa! I will try to make a Wattpad for you!


  3. I think that your little endings and your cliffhangers are really cool!

  4. wow! awesome! I'm sorry I'm a bit late to read this! this is so good, keep writing! xxx