Sunday, 7 June 2015

What if…?

Hello, readers! Last night, when I was thinking about what to do for today's post, I thought I should be a bit adventurous and do a completely different post than what I have done before and also a post that possibility would get you thinking. So I began pondering for solutions. Then it hit me. A post I haven't done before. A post, maybe, that no one has done before. A What if…? Post. I made this post up so I'll briefly explain the rules.

Ok so basically you type yourself a series of questions to answer but the interesting part is they (meaning the questions) have to all start with What if. They can be as silly as you want but they have to make sense. Then the tricky part is to answer them as sanely as possible. Got it? Ok, leggo.

What if Jupiter crashed into Earth and you had to save one thing from your household- what would it be?

Well, if Jupiter crashed into Earth and I had to save one thing it would definitely be one of my favourite books, The Dimond Theif. I know, I know! It's weird but I love books and if I could save all of them I would!! Maybe my laptop if I could sneakily add one on!!

What if food disappeared for a day?

WHAT? I LOVE food I wouldn't want it to disappear for a second! But if it did I will be sure to drink lots of water and go and scavenge for edible roots and stuff. It would be just like The Hunger Games! Which brings me onto my next question! 

What if you were chosen to be a tribute in The Hunger Games? 

Now this ones a toughie! On one hand, I would actually LOVE to be a tribute! I know it's strange and how you might get killed and stuff but the whole thrill of surviving in general seems pretty appealing. But on the other I might get killed/rebel/leave the thing I love the most- my family. AND I WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO BLOG!! NOOO! Ok, last question.

What if emojis weren't a thing?

If emojis aren't a thing then this gal won't be a happy unicorn! My texts would be expressionless and bland. Forget me, the whole internet world would fall!! 

Did you like the questions? Comment down below your answers to my questions or even make up some of your own!! I will definitely answer all of them!! Also any of you bloggers out there are welcome to use my idea as long as I get some credit. Anyway, that's all from me but I will be back on Saturday!! Stay tuned!

Lots of love,



  1. Awesome post! Your content is so fresh and new!!!

    What if books didn't exist?
    What if you turned blind?
    What if colour didnt exist?
    What if blogging was made illegal?


    PS. I sent you the answers to my questions for our interview and I'm going to copy your answers into a post tomorrow! Xoxo

    1. Thanks, Miss Internet.

      My answers:

      1) I LOVE BOOKS!! If my second favourite pastime was taken away from me I would be so bored!! I mean if I didn't read at all I'll go NUTZ!! :) My vocabulary would fall and my writing would be a flop! I can go on and on!!

      2) Now I have to reliable instincts. My hearing and my vision. I use these simple things every day but if they were taken away I would be helpless. I would have to learn brail and rely on my hearing even more.

      3) Now I love colours. I love how they can make a picture out of a simple flick of the wrist. But no colours, the whole world would be so... bland.

      4) NOO!! My blogging means EVERYTHING to ME. It's my only world I can escape to when I feel sad or happy - or any emotion at all!

      Thank you for your questions! Yes I will definitely do your questions tommorow as well!

  2. What if you were magnetic? What type of metal would you be magnetic to if you could chose?

    1. Hey Anonymous,

      Really good question!!

      I would definitely choose steel and nickel coins!!

      Thank you for liking my post!

    2. No problem. I love your posts and i just got into Blogs and i want to start one too.
      P.S. I really like your story. I'm writing a story too. Just saying!! :-D

    3. I think you can definitely start a blog! It is a really good way to express yourself. I would definitely give 100% for you!! It is also really good to write stories. Well done for achieving this!

  3. Great post I really enjoyed reading it xx :)

    1. Thank you! I am really glad you liked it!!

  4. Hiya! I have nominated you for the one and only Creative Blogger Award - because you are a Creative Blogger! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much! My first nomination!!

  5. Señorita Bobalina9 June 2015 at 18:16

    ***What if you were chosen to be a tribute in The Hunger Games?***

    Hmmm that’s a very deserving question. I believe it merits an equally deserving answer.

    Well seeing as though it’s the future and all, if I was selected to appear on The Hunger Games, I would choose to have my conscious mind uploaded into the body of a 15 metre, freshly-resurrected, mutant tyrannosaurus rex with flight capabilities, enhanced speed, kevlar body-proofing, telekinesis and the obligatory self-loading twin machine gun turrets on my back (cos, there ain’t no way in prehistoric hell I’d be able to reload ANYTHING with those tiny little t-rex arms of mine). If nuclear warhead payloads were available I would most certainly have them as my optional added extras. I’m sure some would regard such embellishments as pretentious but no matter. The price is hardly an issue when you’re fighting for your life. I just hope they come in red with black stripes. Or black with red stripes? Hmmm, decisions, decisions…

    And I’d STILL probably end up DED cos it b HUNGA GAEMS nd that b rly tough like inni

  6. This is such a cool post! You could turn it into a tag :D


  7. Hi!
    its so creative, and i was wondering if i can use that idea for my blog? (but its not working right now so it would be later that i posted it)
    is that okay?
    Gypsy Pixie

    1. Hey Gypsy!!

      Sure you can borrow my idea as long as I get at least some credit.

      Glad you liked my post!!


    2. Oh thank you! and yes i will definitely give you credit!
      Gypsy Pixie

  8. hi pen girl! its Gypsy Pixie again!
    I am done my post so i you want to see its here