Sunday, 21 June 2015

Dear Future Me,

I wonder what is going on right now in our house. Are you upstairs doing "homework" or maybe your on your bike and having no clue about where your going. Or maybe, your just sitting down and reading this. Which I hope you are.

It had just hit me that our annoying building work would have finished and you would be relaxing in our conservatory drinking one of mum's not-so-famous (but still AMAZING tasting) smoothies.

 I wonder how you would feel, now. My current time, place and actions would be only a discarded memory inside your brain. It's funny how our brain works. 

Now, I hope you are still blogging!! Maybe more interesting topics as your brain is constantly growing. How many veiws, comments and followers you have got? If you get over ten followers I will try and hug you. Even though I am the past for you but you are the future for me.

Now I am regarding to your new-found interests. Do you still love painting and have you FINALLY bought that watercolour set? I hope you have, so I can paint long into the evening. What bliss! 

I also hope you still like hockey no matter what people may have said to you. YOU ARE GOOD! Use you talents and you will succeed! 

I'll have to go now but I will see you in a different place, time and month. But until then: Be Unique, Be YOU!!

PenGirl Xx


  1. That was a great letter to your future self. I'm just wondering, What if the PastPengirl gets the letter instead of the FuturePengirl? Just saying that you're the PresentPengirl. Would that mess up history?

    1. An interesting theory, Abi!

      A theory that has managed to stump me!

      I'm not quite sure!

    2. Okay. Well, whatever you do, don't accidentally show your past self.
      (Just don't ask me how you could do that)

  2. Hi! I've nominated you for the Famous People Award. Here is the link:
    Hope you have fun!

    -Trinity from

  3. I done the exact same thing you done but it was on Microsoft Powerpoint!! This was such a good idea! Great post!

    My blog link-

    ~ Rukiya

  4. I just love your blog! every time I read any of your posts I just keep smiling :)
    i mean this post is just wonderful! i like this idea, Your letter to your future self is very interesting indeed.

    galaxy xx