Saturday, 16 May 2015

I'm PenGirl!

Hi! I'm PenGirl! Welcome to my blog!! I am a new blogger and I will be posting on this blog every week. Now you must be thinking who is this person? Well, as this blog is anonymous, I can't tell you my real name (I also will not be posting any selfies, real names of other people referred to in this blog or addresses). But I can tell you that I am a blogger hoping to have some fun by starting this place! So to start off with, I will tell you all about my likes and dislikes:

Favourite colour: Teal

Favourite food: Chicken

Favourite book (I love books!): The Hunger Games Series and Girl Online

Favourite movie: The Parent Trap and The Harry Potter Series

My hobbies: singing, acting, dancing, hockey, writing and watercolour painting!

My dream: When I was little I wanted to become a world famous actor but now I am a little bit older I would like to become an author as this is not an impossible feat! I would also like to run a successful blog that's why I started here and I hope you will (whoever you are) join me! 

I am afraid all enjoyable things must come to an end but I will post next week so see you then!!

Lots of love,
-PenGirl xoxo


  1. If you have anything to say about what I could do better just post it here!!

  2. I would LOVE to be an author too!

    I'm stuck between two (it's still a long time though! I'm only 10!!)

    Paediatrician or an author!

    I love to help people (it's in my personality trait! I'm an INFJ!) but I love writing!


    1. We still have a lot of time to think about what we want to do as we are still growing up. But it doesn't mean we can't reach for the stars! :)

  3. Also, my friend Abbie is currently designing blogs and she's asked me to just tell a few blogs!

    I love your blog so I told her how fabulous it was.

    She checked it out and she said that IF you wanted, she LOVE to design it.

    The details are on her blog.
    There's no pressure!

    She says she doesn't mind whether you do or don't and she will be the opposite to offended if you didn't!

    If you didn't, she'd still be willing to design a header or something!

    Again, no pressure and no hard feelings!


    1. I would LOVE her to desighn my blog. Thought AM a new blogger and do not know wether I will have to contact her, pay or anything else. If you could give me her blog name I will contact her. Also: What do I do?? Do I have to pay?

    2. You pay absolutely NOTHING and on her blog there's a tab called designs and you can fill out a form!

      Its all free!

    3. oh and xoxo

  4. Hi PenGirl! I love your blog.I also love the colour teal.