Thursday, 10 September 2015

Self Confidence

Hi guys!!!

I know, I know I haven't posted in AGES! But I have been really busy with school stuff and all that shabazz. So, to make up for the long, unofficial break, I am going to write some uplifting content for ya all! Mainly because we have all started school and have been forced given up the Internet to do History homework... 

Self confidence is a trick ol' thing but it comes in very handy in matters when you feel a bit icky. There are lots of types of self confidence and I am going to try and give my best advice about each and every topic. 

Body Confidence 

This is something I really struggled with when I was slightly younger and occasionally still struggle with now. The thing people have to understand is that your body is yours. And no one else's. I always used to think, 'Ew I have a little bit of flab drooping down!' or 'I am sooooo short! I bet when I am older I would be a midget!'. But I soon realised that, sometimes you have to accept it and look on the brighter side. That little spot their on your chin? Well, aren't you glad that your face isn't COVERED in them? Oh, your braces and how you hate that they stick out? Very soon you would be able to take those off and smile at anything and everything whilst all those people who mocked you would have revolting yellow teeth and gum disease. And who will be the one laughing with perfectly white and clean teeth? That's right, girl, (or boy) YOU! 


I know this isn't a kind of confidence but sometimes embarrassment can hurt. So to avoid situations like this,  I am going to share a little embarrassing memory with you all! Don't worry you can laugh!! I know I did after! :) 

In physical education we where practicing long distance in preparation for sports day. It was my turn and I was racing 4 other girls. I started off pretty well but as I turned a corner I accidentally fell down onto the fairly damp grass. My glasses had bits of mud and grass on them but I got up anyway and continued running. The bad thing was that I kept on slipping up on the grass and ended up really far away from the others who were racing ahead. My self- esteem was officially lost. And, to make it worse, everyone was laughing at me. So as you might guess I came 4th out of 4 people and the boys, who where watching me, laughed so hard they were close to tears. Ever since then whenever the boys saw me they always used to say that I had already lost. Of course this didn't help and I told my mum who told me not to worry about it and that they would eventually get bored and move on. I hated this piece of advice as they still teased seemingly endlessly (my whole year joined in aswell as my crush which really hurt)  but after a couple of weeks had passed the joke had lost it's humour. The boys tried to get everyone laughing again but thankfully failed. This just shows that people really do get bored of pointless jokes that sometimes be hurtful. But you just have to keep your chin up and a smile on you face until it stops!  

Tips on how to stay positive 

In case you are dealing with embarrassment or lack of body confidence here is a few helpful tips! 

1) Keep something comforting with you 

When I was little I had this tiny little Sylvanian Family mouse- doll about the size of my thumb that I used to never part with for a second. I took it to school, swimming and even in the toilet (ew, right?). This little thing brought me so much joy and comfort but with one look from anyone else, they would instantly throw it in the bin. But, in the end, I eventually grew out of my little mouse bear -as my cousin used to playfully call it- but I still couldn't let it go. So I kept it in a small box and buried it deep in my wardrobe. A couple of years later, we are selling the wardrobe and I have the exciting job of taking all of my clothes out of it. I soon reach the bottom where all my hats and scarves are so carelessly thrown and start picking things that I want to keep. I eventually reach a little box buried deep under one of my scarves. Curiosity getting the better of me as usual, I reach down and pick it from the whirlwind I used to call my closet and look inside. Amongst  some crumpled tissue paper I see a little doll. A bit smaller than my thumb and I still have my little mouse bear with me now. 

I was recently given a little clip by my aunt who was leaving for India. It was a beautiful thing that had a gold bird at the end of it. As you looked closer you can just about make out the tiny little details on the wing and face. This is my current comfort. 

Do you have something that comforts you? Maybe something you didn't even realised you automatically put in your bag in the morning. Or maybe something you have had since you were a baby? Tell me in the comments below! 

2)  Make a positive list in your head

If you make a kind of list in your head of some positive quotes, objects that matter to you or just some simple song lyrics you particularly like. So if somebody is teasing you, you can just remember your carefully planned list and then smile and walk away! Great, right! 

3) Keep a diary!

I used to keep a diary and it helped me a lot!! Just letting all your thoughts, feelings and heart just onto the page and feeling a lovely content feeling afterwords. It can also help you sort things out in your brain. The journal is your friend. No one can judge you there and no one can hurt you there. All you have to do is keep it in a well hidden space!! 

So that's all for today, folks! But remember that you are your own person.  And NO ONE can change you except from yourself.

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The Writer 


  1. I’m really lucky to know such a wonderfully positive and headstrong person, such as you are. You’re a true inspiration, and your strength and self-belief is really guiding me to battle on and persevere.

    A lot of what you say really resonates with me. I was also picked on at school, and I rarely told my parents about it, preferring to suck it all in. I think the guys who laughed at you in the race might’ve been trying to make themselves feel better, especially after doing a lousy job of running themselves. Only one person can come first, after all. This mockery really stings. But let them laugh. If you fought hard, then you belong on the field.

    Between the age of 14 to 18, I joined my school’s cadet force where they’d take us marching, shooting, hiking and map reading. Twice a year we’d go sleep in the cold, wet mud on some military ground in the middle of nowhere, and I came to really enjoy this. What I didn’t enjoy was the teasing. For the first few years, I wasn’t particularly dedicated, and sometimes I’d turn up to class without really knowing what to do. Consequently, I’d mess things up, and wouldn’t perform well. Honestly, when I first handled a rifle, it was a miracle I didn’t accidentally shoot someone! As expected, pretty much everybody in the group made fun of me. Even one of the teachers joined in. Weirdly, I had this magic ability to “jinx” an activity, so whenever I joined in, things would always go wrong. Sod’s Law, as they say.

    In my final year, through some stroke of luck I was made captain of a sports team, and I became more responsible. I started taking the cadet force seriously, and I worked on my marksmanship skills, drills and orienteering. Eventually, I started teaching younger students how to read maps, and in our yearly competitions, my shooting score came top of the class. People stopped making fun of me, and that same teacher who’d join in actually promoted me to a fairly high rank. For my efforts, my mum, dad and I were invited to a prestigious dinner at the school where several dignitaries and military officers were present. It was actually pretty funny because I treated the dinner as a big deal, but the other students invited couldn’t have really cared less! The reward felt pretty damn sweet to me though, because I had earned it.

    Anyway, people will laugh in school. And the rubbish thing is that students often hide their true feelings when speaking to one another, so nobody ever knows what anyone actually thinks! Naturally, if you’re the only one who is honest and open about your emotions, but nobody else is, then it’s easy to feel lonely.

    I often felt like that when I was in school. So when I left college, I was at a crossroads. Should I stick with mediocrity and just try to blend in with everybody else? Or should I carve my own path and grasp my own destiny? I chose the latter. Several years later I’ve graduated in a degree that nobody else in my school (to my knowledge) has done, and I’m now studying in a faraway country, thousands of miles away from the people I love. Why? Because I see an opportunity. And I’ve got a plan.

    In the end, I might not be successful, but what matters is that I try. Just as my school song goes, “Forward where the knocks are hardest. Some to failure, some to fame. Never mind the cheers or hooting, keep your head and play the game."

    Anyway, school is a tough nut to crack. But you know what? I’m just glad that after all these years, I’ve FINALLY found someone who’s honest about their emotions for a change! If I had've known you in school, I’m sure we'd have been fast friends!

    1. WOW! Your kind of school seems very hard-core!

      I actually feel lucky that I am at a more relaxed school! If you could call it that!

      Thank you for your comment!

      The Writer

  2. I absolutely love the tips in this post, and how true it is. A diary has helped me a lot as well, it helps me sort out feelings and I don't know, something about it makes you feel a whole lot better. Having positive thoughts to combat negative ones is a great idea too!

    1. Thank you, Lauren for your feedback!

      I agree, diarys do help to sort out feelings!

      The Writer

  3. This post is so amazing. Thanks for writing it!

    Emily // Lynde Avenue Designs

    1. Thanks, Emily! I love your blog!!

      The Writer

  4. Such a true and honest post - I love it! I have looked at some of your other posts, and they are all amazing!! You are such an inspiration, and it would mean the world to me if you could check out my blog :)
    Little Robin xxx

  5. Wonderful! I know that you've enrolled into my Blogger Choice Awards and just wanted to say that you only have 3 more days left to nominate people for categories, all the information about that is on my blog in previous posts, thanks!

    Rukiya XX

  6. I feel like keeping a journal would be hard. I can barely keep up with my blog. Thank you for these tips I'm going to be making sure to keep positive things in my mind!

  7. Hey there,
    I've only just, sort of, discovered your blog. I love it! You have some really awesome ideas.
    I totally agree with what you wrote in this post, there are some great and helpful tips :)
    Keeping a diary really helped me when I was in high school. It's a great way to collect your thoughts.

    P.s I love your blog background!!